Opendesk — Design File Terms of Use

It is the responsibility of you, the maker, to check the contents of every design file hosted by Opendesk prior to fabrication and to ensure suitable due diligence and reasonable skill and care in fabrication, manufacturing and assembly.

Opendesk accepts no liability for any error or omission in the information contained in any design file and accepts no design liability for the design represented. Opendesk provides no guarantee of quality, nor warranty of fitness for purpose for any product manufactured using files hosted by Opendesk.

You agree that the information provided in all design files hosted by Opendesk are to be used at your own risk, without any guarantee of quality or warranty expressly made.

You expressly agree to hold harmless Fabbed Limited (trading as Opendesk) and all Opendesk designers, officers and employees for any property damage, personal injury, death, fiduciary loss, or any other loss or damage arising out of the use of this digital file and its contents, or subsequent physical products fabricated from the information contained in all design files and associated documentation.

You agree to indemnify all Opendesk designers, officers and employees and the original rights-holder of this design against any damages, losses, obligations, liabilities, costs and expenses arising from your use of any design, or any derivative designs permitted under the associated license of use.