We collaborate with international designers

We’re curating a furniture collection for the creative workplace, built locally by independent makers.

Our story: designing for distributed manufacturing

Opendesk is a new kind of furniture company. We empower independent designers and makers to create beautiful furniture local to where it’s needed. We’re building the world’s most equitable & distributed supply chain, and believe in working together to build a healthier collective future - starting with the way we design and make the things we consume.

Our process: designing thoughtfully

We believe in being sustainable and impactful by design. We think that furniture should be a pleasure to manufacture as well as a great experience for people to use (and sometimes assemble, too). As a design-led team, we practice ‘technology with purpose’ - for us, design and technology are equally important enablers to deliver genuinely valuable, innovative and equitable outcomes. Our challenge is to make all of our designs as universally makeable as possible.

Designing for work

We spend about 30% of our lives working, so designing better workplaces seems like a huge opportunity to bring beneficial impact to many people. We decided to focus our initial energies on re-imagining the furniture of the workplace. The new workplace is flexible, open and connected, and we think it can be beautifully designed and locally-made, too.

Designing together with you

Our workspace furniture collection is growing, and we’d like talented designers to contribute. We’re on the lookout for opportunities to work with designers that are excited by our mission.

Our aim is to bring the designs of emerging, independent designers to global distribution. The Design Engineering team in our London studio works alongside designers to prototype, iterate and improve Opendesk furniture - so it’s always up to date with our makers capabilities and our customers needs.

We let designers chose their own licence terms and retain all the rights to their work. You’ll get an 8% design fee for every piece of furniture made commercially by one of our global makers.

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