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A new kind of furniture company

Opendesk is an online furniture marketplace built to disrupt the traditional 20th century model of mass production. We don’t have a factory or a warehouse, and we don’t ship furniture around the world. Instead we connect customers to independent makers from our global network. We’re able to kit out workplaces around the world quickly, affordably and locally - all thanks to distributed, on-demand manufacturing.

  • Buying from Opendesk puts money directly into the pockets of independent designers and makers and creates more local jobs, transforming a typically impersonal buying experience into something altogether more human.

  • Local makers make Opendesk furniture on demand. This cuts the delivery and lead time to one to four weeks, as opposed to the eight to twelve weeks typically quoted by traditional suppliers.

  • Opendesk cuts out logistical costs and reduces the markup on retail and shipping by as much as 300% – with products typically coming in 50% cheaper than other designer brands.

  • Opendesk products are made locally, reducing the environmental impact of transport and logistics. We always recommend using wooden sheet materials from sustainable, FSC-certified sources.

  • Opendesk designs are made on-demand so your furniture can be tailored to suit your needs, like fitting it to your exact space. We’re working on expanding these services to include things like milling your logo into the design. Stay tuned!