About Opendesk — a global platform for local making

Opendesk is a global platform for local making. We host digital furniture designs that can be made anywhere in the world through a global network of local makers.

By connecting customers to a library of designs, and a host of nearby craftsmen, we’re ensuring furniture is made on-demand - locally, sustainably and affordably.

Unlike the traditional industry, which tends to squeeze designers and makers, our business model ensures that everyone in the supply chain is supported and rewarded fairly.

  • Designers get a global distribution channel
  • Makers get profitable jobs and new customers
  • You get designer products without the designer price tag, a more social, eco-friendly alternative to mass-production and an affordable way to buy custom made products.

We’re focusing first on workplace furniture because it’s the best fit for current digital fabrication technology. However, furniture is just the beginning. We’d love you to join us in making this a reality. If you know anyone who you think would be interested in Opendesk, especially if they’re a designer, maker or looking to fit out a work space, please do tell them about us.