Opendesk x Google: Meet Project Jack

The concept of flexibility is tossed around with ease, but what does it really mean for the physicality of working?

There are flexible pieces of furniture: desks that transform themselves from sitting to standing, to moveable divides that reshape spaces. Then there are policies such as hot-desking that seek to promote flexible working. But when it comes to the building itself, the water is murky. Can a built room truly be a ‘Jack of all trades’; reinventing and constantly changing, chameleon like, to suit the needs of its varied users? Can it increase in size, alter its shape and purpose with ease?

In this post we go behind the scenes of Project Jack; Google’s moveable, modular meeting room, which was designed in collaboration with AHMM, and comes complete with Opendesk furniture for flexible and collaborative working.

Explore the design featured in Google Jack Room

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