Kano is a computer anyone can make. It’s also the most crowd-funded learning invention of all time, and was developed with the help of hundreds of young people, artists, engineers and teachers.

Kano entered the academic curriculum in 2013 with a new approach to educating - through learning to build both their kit computer and basic coding via their beautiful hardware and operating system.

Energy pulses through the building from their unique entry ‘through a café’ to the moment you open Kano’s doors, and as you’ll see, their fresh approach comes alive in a workspace that’s full of energy. Bursting with colour and with our demo table placed at the core of the space, you feel like you’ve entered a hive teeming with enthusiasm for coding and education.

As well as providing our Lean Desks, we worked closely together to design something that functions as storage whilst also showcasing all the parts that make their computer kit amazing – a mini-factory on display! Complementing this, interactive wall panels can be reconfigured to meet changing needs in the space as school groups and demonstrations come and go.

Working with Kano was really fun and from the very beginning we knew the result would be truly special.

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