Wish Opendesk Would

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Wish Opendesk Would’ Trello Board!
This is a space for capturing all the great ideas and feedback from you - our community - and then working to try to bring that into our core product development process.

Without a dedicated customer research or support team at Opendesk user feedback comes to us via multiple channels. Some of these are uncurated such as emails, google forums and social media, whilst on others we actively reach out and ask for your input - the little pop up on our website and the “ I wish Opendesk would…” banner on our homepage.

As we move forward in 2016 we want to get better at capturing, synthesising and responding to this feedback, by feeding it into our product process and opening it up to a wider audience - we’re hoping this will nudge us to be more responsive to our community, more engaging in our interactions, and above all let you know we are listening.

So this public insights board is where all of your feedback will be collected and shared. Individual ideas or feature-requests will be available for you to express your own thoughts in comments and you’ll be able to vote up any ideas you support. The board is totally open so you should see new cards appearing daily (irrespective whether the feedback is good or bad!). In this way you’ll be able to see where individual ideas come from and who they relate to and add your own voice, and we’ll hopefully get a genuine sense of what you find important, as well as constructive feedback about what we need to improve.

So please feel free to share any and all ideas with us. We’d love to hear about what you love about Opendesk and would like to see more of, but we aren’t afraid of a bit of honest criticism either!
To help get you started we’ve added a simple typeform to the end of this post :)

We can’t promise to take all suggestions on board (poor pun), but we’ll do our best to capture recommendations and ideas from our community here and then feed them into the development work we are doing day-to-day.

So thanks in advance for all your feedback on what you Wish Opendesk Would do, and we look forward to seeing where that takes us next!

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