Open Archive, The Opendesk Foosball Table

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It all starts here. The Opendesk Foosball table. Designed, developed, made and delivered to a happy customer in London. Now it’s yours! We have published all the production content associated with the table, right here, under a Creative Commons - non-commercial license. A gift, from us to you!

The Opendesk Foosball Table

Included in this blog:

  • Cutting files in the form of .dxf files.
  • 3D model in the form of a .skp file (SketchUp).
  • Production file for the printed pitch.
  • Guidance on hardware.

It’s important to first state that this content is intended for those who wish to use it for personal use. The creative commons license placed on this content should be respected by all :) . We want to see people taking the content and using it to make their own Foosball tables, whether they be identical to the Opendesk table, or versions of it. It is also important to state that use of these files in a production context will require input from the user, to source appropriate hardware, according to their geographic location. As a result, it will be necessary to adjust the cutting files to suit the hardware that is sourced. Some examples of adjustments that may need to be made include-

  • Width of table to suit rod length

  • Hole diameter / depth / detail for Bearings

  • Hole diameter for threaded inserts and bolts.

Cutting file

Download the cutting file here and access the very files we used to manufacture the table in London UK with a local maker. The file is mastered in metric units. Those more accustomed to imperial units will need to convert in their CAD software. If you wish to manufacture a table yourself, you will first need to make adjustments to the drawing in relation to the hardware sourced.

3D Model

Access the SketchUp model here. If you don’t have SketchUp CAD software, you can download it for free here. Use the 3D model to understand how the table is assembled. This is not a technical asset and should not be used to direct manufacture. Information relating to hardware contained in the model should not be relied on as technical information.

Printed pitch

Download the .pdf file used to print the pitch graphics here. If you have access to adobe illustrator, you can open the .pdf file and make adjustments to vectors / add details yourself. Or simply use the file as a template and design your own pitch!

Hardware guide

Download the .pdf and access information on hardware used for the Opendesk Foosball table build in London UK. This includes technical information relating to some (not all) hardware components required for the build. Components such as player rods and bearings do not include technical information, as these must be sourced as available in your area.

Finally, if you’d like to make the Opendesk Foosball Table for commercial purposes please contact us.