Tailor-made: furniture that fits (part 2)

We’re making it possible for anyone to customise their Opendesk furniture and find that perfect size!

Following the launch of our first batch of fresh product tailoring options, we’re launching our second batch, bringing the total number of tailorable products to 13 (that’s nearly half of our furniture collection)!

Part two of our tailoring upgrade sees the introduction of the popular Breakout Table, Bundle Desk, Canteen Table and One to Several Table. The previously launched Lean Desk, Unit Table and Collaboration Table are boosted by new customisation options allowing them to be configured to new widths and lengths.

It’s our on-demand local making model that’s making mass customisation possible on a grander scale than ever before. Whilst our tailoring service is still in it’s infancy, it’s our first baby step towards bringing unique products, produced individually by local makers, to new owners around the world. You can configure your furniture to the nearest millimetre, or choose from a generous list of standard sizes.

Bundle Desk animation
Canteen Table animation
Unit Table animation
Lean Desk animation
One to Several Table animation

Breakout Table

Breakout is a stand-up meeting table designed to be a hot-desk and social hub. Used standing up, Breakout keeps meetings short and sweet. Choose any width between 800mm - 1000mm and any length between 1800mm - 2400mm.

Breakout Table animation
Tailor Breakout Table Download tailoring brochure

Bundle Desk

The Bundle Desk is a new take on the traditional trestle. Incredibly simple to take apart and store away, the Bundle Desk is ideal for those who desire more flexibility and mobility from their workstation. Pick any width between 700mm - 800mm and any length between 1400mm - 1900mm.

Bundle Desk animation
Tailor Bundle Desk Download tailoring brochure

Canteen Table

The perfect meeting come dining solution with room for up to six people. Great for hosting small team sprint meetings or lunch socials. Pick any width between 1000 - 1180mm and any length between 1250mm - 1650mm.

Canteen Table animation
Tailor Canteen Table Download tailoring brochure

Unit Table

Clean lines and compact proportions make the Unit Table equally suitable as a single-person task desk or as a simple, yet elegant dining table for your home. Choose any width between 500mm - 800mm and any length between 850mm - 1850mm.

Unit Table animation
Tailor Unit Table Download tailoring brochure

Collaboration Table

The Collaboration Table is our largest table for up to 14 users, designed with group work in mind. The table incorporates the same cable management system found in the popular Lean Desk and Team Desk. Find the ideal fit for your workplace with any width between 1000mm - 1180mm and any length between 3400mm - 4800mm. (Note that the Collaboration Table is available in a maximum length of 4400mm with a laminate tabletop).

Collaboration Table animation
Tailor Collaboration Table Download tailoring brochure

Lean Desk

A flexible workstation with cable management for up to four users. Built for startups and established teams alike, the Lean Desk is popular for its spacious work surface. Choose any width between 1300mm - 1600mm and any length between 1200mm - 2400mm.

Lean Desk animation
Tailor Lean Desk Download tailoring brochure

One to Several Table

Designed for working, dining, and meeting, the One to Several Table is comprised of thirteen interlocking parts. Its sturdy construction makes it the perfect workbench for a messy designer, maker or hacker. Find the perfect fit with any width between 550mm - 950mm and any length between 950mm - 1520mm.

One to Several Table animation
Tailor One to Several Table Download tailoring brochure

How to Tailor your Opendesk furniture

You can “Tailor” any of the designs listed in this article by visiting the relevant product page. Scroll down and look for the “Dimensions” tab where you will find information on standard sizes and our tailoring service. Click “Get in touch” to contact our team directly with your tailoring request. Make sure you fill out all the required information in the email template and we’ll get back to you promptly.