New Designs: Introducing The Fin Planters

We’re excited to introduce our latest products that enable you to create a green oasis in your workplace. Here we look at their features, the design process and the challenges we faced.

The first products in the Fin range were launched in 2015 and we’ve since received lots of requests for furniture that can help people incorporate nature into the workplace. One of those requests came from Greenpeace, who wanted to bring some greenery into their large open-plan London HQ in a seamless and functional way. We prototyped a version of the product for them, which has since been developed into two new products in the Fin range for companies: the Planter Locker and Planter Bookshelf 🌱

The addition of foliage to the Fin range not only brings nature and a splash of colour into the workplace, it can function as a natural divide to the room. The Planters work solo, back-to-back or side-by-side to create a space-dividing wall of green, and their height provides privacy while maintaining an open feel to space.

“The main challenge with this modification was to not increase the number of sheets while also providing a trough that is deep enough to conceal standard planter boxes.”

Scarlett San Martin

Opendesk Planter Bookshelf
Opendesk Planter Lockers

The planter trough is 6 inch (15 cm) and can be used with off-the-shelf products.

Opendesk Planter Bookshelf

“The result is a highly material efficient design that squeezes every last millimetre out of the sheet!”

Scarlett San Martin

During the design process, we also took the decision to reduce the material thickness of the whole range from 18mm to 12mm - this offers a more elegant lightweight solution while still maintaining the characteristic Fin detailing.

Detail of the Locker
Scarlett San Martin designing the Fin range

“The main challenge when designing the Fin range was to create a range of elegant storage products, that appear light despite their size. Therefore the design process was lead by exploring hidden joints and ways of reducing the visible end grain lip. Its these subtle details and touches that I’m always looking to achieve in my designs, details which are honest about the manufacturing process, without screaming about it.”

Designer Scarlett San Martin from Opendesk

“Growing up in London where plants are mostly concentrated in the parks and gardens, I’ve always considered them precious. As a designer, I feel it’s important to bring more plants into people’s environment by designing furniture that integrates them.”

Pictures by Peter Guenzel and Josh Worley
Videos by Josh Worley
Music (in Fin Bookshelf Planter video) by Doctor Turtle, Which That is This, licensed under a Creative Commons-Attribution license.
Music (in Fin Locker Planter video) by Jason Shaw, Solo Acoustic Guitar, licensed under a Creative Commons-Attribution license.