New Design: The Hot Desk

Meet the newly launched Hot Desk: an exciting co-working product designed for casual, flexible and collaborative work.

Creativity & Collaboration

The Pixar campus was famously designed by Steve Jobs to ensure spontaneous run-ins between employees from all walks of the company. He believed when spaces facilitate interaction between people from different disciplines, with different ideas, then innovation and creativity happen. He was, unsurprisingly, right. “Steve’s theory worked from day one,” said John Lasseter, Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer “…I’ve never seen a building that promoted collaboration and creativity as well as this one.”

It was a revolutionary idea at the time, but one that is now accepted by companies to promote creativity and collaboration through inter-disciplinary “cross pollination”. Hotdesking is an obvious bi-product of this: an alternative office setup where desks are flexible and shared by multiple employees or freelancers.

This particular practice means you’re sitting next to different people each day and are regularly encountering different ideas and opinions. It was in this spirit of collaboration and creativity that the Hot Desk was designed.

“I designed the Hot Desk with casual and cafe-style working in mind, to comfortably seat four people working on laptops, or more for informal meetings or catching up over coffee” said David Steiner, designer of the Hot Desk.

Clever Cable Management

The cut off corners, chamfered table top and T-shaped legs give the Hot Desk its unique character, with a generous central cable management box designed to give maximum space for wires and chargers without getting in the way of legs or taking up too much surface area.

“The cable management box is ideally designed to have a power board mounted on the side, comfortably housing larger chargers like those used for Macbooks” said David.

Crafted for Co-working

The Hot Desk was designed specifically with co-working spaces in mind, with the team receiving and incorporating feedback from co-working providers throughout the design process.

Why? When it comes to space design, coworking hubs need to strike the perfect balance between private areas for when members need to be “head down” and open spaces for collaborative work - all while creating an ideal environment for those spontaneous run-ins that spark creativity thinking, interesting ideas and new connections.

The Hot Desk is the perfect product for that. Dot them in various areas of your coworking space or open plan office to encourage members to move around and work from different spots daily.

Material Efficiency

This design fits very efficiently onto one standard sheet of plywood, which means it minimises waste and ensures you get good value for money.

Want the Hot Desk in your workplace? Request a Quote on Opendesk today and we’ll connect you to a local maker who can craft it on-demand for you.