Back To Stool, Second Edition by Miocugino

One CNC. Five design masters. Five challengers. Who will win?

After the successful first edition of “Back to stool”, Miocugino, Vectorealism and Opendesk return to encourage you to be a part of this design challenge, where five emerging designers will take on five experienced designers.

Graphic of the Back to Stool competition

For the “Fuorisalone 2016” the Miocugino workshop invites you to get involved!

The aim of the competition is to design a new bar stool that is easy to assemble, comfortable, robust and durable, made efficiently with minimal waste of wood (birch plywood) on “Cousin Berta” (our big old school CNC, of course, who else did you think?)

See what happens when new design talent competes against established designers on a level playing field. Will the 5 young newcomers succeed to exceed the 5 superstars of design?

Photo taken during the competition Back to Stool in Milan, Italy

What are you waiting for?

Along the same lines as the first edition of “Back to Stool”, the jury will select 5 designs from the submissions. The chosen entries will be made and displayed anonymously during the week of the Salone del Mobile (12 -17 April 2016), along with the works of the 5 established designers. The public will be asked to vote for their favourite stool, online and when visiting the exhibition.

The identity of the designers will kept a secret throughout the competition, only to be revealed after the winner has been announced. Ensuring a fair competition with equal chances to win.

The three best projects voted by the public will be considered for inclusion on the Opendesk site. For each piece the designer will receive designers fees according to the policies viewable here. The first three classified will receive a voucher (1° 500€, 2° 250€, 3° 100€) to be spent in services in Miocugino’s Lab.

From 1th of March it will be possible to upload your projects on Miocugino website.

Thanks to Leroy Merlin Italy for the technical sponsorship!

Breakdown of the Awards process
Rule Book