Another Dimension: Introducing Tailoring

We want you to be able to tailor the Opendesk design of your choice to perfectly suit your space.

Need the Studio Desk 10cm shorter to fit that nook? No problem. Want the Lean Desk in a different size or the Lift Standing Desk big enough for two? Sure. On-the-fly dimension changes are one of the perks of on-demand manufacturing over mass production - you can tweak, edit, elongate and shorten the design as you see fit.

A platform like Opendesk is built for this. So we’ve been testing out on-demand dimension changes for certain Opendesk designs over the past few months. This means furniture that’s tailored for individual workplaces - fitted perfectly for you!

We’re now ready to share this with everyone. And the best news? To celebrate, we’re going to be making these mini-customisations for no extra charge on all orders this November.

How does it work?

We’re able to tailor our products to suit your needs by customising the dimensional variables using our parametric 3D models. We then seamlessly export the model into customised cutting files and issue them to your local maker through our marketplace model. You would now have individual versions of our designs, tailored to suit your needs, stored in our library and version controlled - all ready for worldwide distribution and future repeat orders.

There are six Opendesk designs that can be tailored just for you: the Lean Desk, the Team Desk, the Lift Standing Desk, the Collaboration Table, the Unit Table and the Studio Desk. A tailoring request can be made via the product page:

The Lift Standing Desk

The Lift Standing Desk is our adjustable height workstation that can be tailored to fit one or two people. It’s available in any length between 1200mm to 2400mm.

Tailor the Lift Standing Desk

The Studio Desk

Our Studio Desk with discreet cable management is perfect on its own in a home office, or grouped together for workspaces. It’s available in any length between 1200mm to 1600mm and any width between 600mm to 800mm.

Tailor the Studio Desk

The Unit Table

Clean lines and compact proportions make the Unit Table equally suitable as a single-person task desk or as an elegant dining table for your home. Make it the perfect size for your space with any dimension between 1200mm to 1600mm in length and 600mm to 800mm in width.

Tailor the Unit Table

The Team Desk

The Team Desk is a space efficient workstation that’s perfect for nimble teamwork — from meetings to hot desking - or as your trusty permanent workbench. It’s width is set at 950mm but tailor the length between 2000mm and 2400mm to fit your space and purpose!

Tailor the Team Desk

The Lean Desk

This four-person workstation is the original Opendesk design that kicked it all off! It’s also our most popular. Choose between two widths - 1300mm or 1600mm, and any length between 1200mm and 2400mm depending on how many people you want to accommodate.

Tailor the Lean Desk

The Collaboration Table

Equally at home in a co-working space, boardroom or office, The Collaboration Table has ample room for meetings, workshops, workstations or a combination of the above. Tailor yours to any length between 3600mm and 4800mm.

Tailor the Collaboration Table

Photography by Peter Guenzel and Rory Gardiner