4 ways to create flexible spaces

This week we look at how to create flexible workplaces with furniture that's multifunctional, facilitates collaboration and grows with you and your expanding team.

Breakout Spaces

Giving employees flexible places to work away from their desks can boost productivity and creativity. Add a tea and coffee station, a screen for presentations or remote workers to dial in, and a Whiteboard for brainstorms.

Grammatik in London
Blackmath in Boston

Furniture for growing teams

Customers regularly tell us that keeping the look of their space consistent is really important when the team grows. The Lean Desk was developed with agile, growing teams in mind. You can choose from a range of custom sizes to suit your team (more on that here) and your version will be stored in our library and version controlled - ready for future repeat orders when you expand!

The Collective coworking space
Growth Tribe in London

Portable Storage

Having impermanent desks is an increasing trend in workplaces. While it’s a great practice for enabling collaboration between different teams and people, it can be unsettling for some employees who need a “home” - somewhere to set up and keep their belongings safe.

Our portable Pedestal was developed with flexibility and security in mind. It’s the perfect solution for those that need a space that is theirs in a workspace that is ever changing. You can easily lock up all your things safely, personalise the inside lid with photos, and move it around on castors easily depending on where you’re working for the week.

TMRW Coworking space
Rabble Studios in Cardiff

Moving divides

Chop and change the layout of open plan offices with moveable partitions, creating quiet corners for meetings or more open areas for collaboration. You can pick and mix different Divides to change up functionality, as they can all be joined together using a neat connection slot at the base.

TMRW Coworking
Kanban Divide at Opendesk

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